Breaking Artist Bobby Kendall Delivers New Self Titled Album

After nearly a year of hard work planning, recording, and assembling tracks from literally all over the world, up and coming new country artist Bobby Kendall has delivered an amazing 12 song batch of songs that showcase his North Carolina roots and down home singer/songwriter style.

Recorded in remote locations and major studios in places like Argyle NY, Nashville TN, and Stockholm Sweden, the album features an amazing collection of famous players including fiddler Glen Duncan, bassist David LaBruyere, guitarists Gary Burnette, Dug Grieves, Dave Flint, and Fred Fencke, and drummer Chris Carey. The record was mixed and mastered by two of the recording industry's best: Chuck Ainlay and Bob Ludwig.

"This is one of the most fun and exciting projects I've ever worked on," says Kendall's producer Doug Ford. "Not only is Bobby a great writer/performer, but his vision for the entire project was razor sharp…he was a joy to work with and I know we are both super proud of this record."

Bobby grew up in the small town of Matthews, North Carolina just outside of Charlotte. A typical mischievous neighborhood kid, Bobby would spend hours tinkering and building stuff and messing with skateboards and BMX. Dad was a musician, and music was already in Bobby's blood by the time he was in the 7th grade and decided to grab a guitar and start messing around.

At age 16, Bobby and his family relocated to the picturesque tourist town of Lake George, in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. Eventually it was when entering a school talent show playing guitar and singing in his senior year of high school where the crowd reaction surprised and excited him so much that his decision to pursue music was cemented.

After high school, Bobby made a brief attempt at a college, and disillusioned with the experience decided instead to grab his guitar and head to Illinois where he had previously taken a hunting trip, eventually becoming a professional hunting guide. The next years were spent playing the Summer tourist season in Lake George and subsequently heading West to hunt in the Fall. Bobby was already developing a large and loyal following, and writing more and more songs drawn from his life experience in the process.

"Close To You" is taken from the decision to leave home to make his mark as a guide, "Summer Crush" is taken directly from the Summers on the lake (including actual Lake George beach sounds), while "Carolina Girl" pays homage to the women of his home state of NC. They are all real, and they are all 100% Bobby Kendall.

The CD is available via bobbykendall.com, and through iTunes and all other digital services.